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5 best golf training courses of America

Golf is a game of club and ball and it is very much popular among the people of the United States of America. There are numerous numbers of golf courses are in the USA and here are top five golf courses which are very much favorite among the golfers.

In the list, the first one is the golf course of Pebble beach G. Links. This American golf course is an outstanding meeting of sea and land. It offers a wonderful atmosphere for the golfers and no matter how the games go for a player it will always be a memorable day for him in the course. This course has nine holes perched on the Pacific surf. This course was also crowned as the number one golf course in American soil in the year of 2003 and 2016. The total area of this course is 6828 yards with 72 par.

The second one is the Pacific Dunes located at the Bandon Dunes resort. The rolling green field of this course is quite impressive and the whole course is designed with sand dunes and marvelous bunkers. This course has back nine, including 4 par 3s. The beauty of this course is that all the holes here seem to be landscaped though they are superimposed. With 71 par, this golf course has an area of 6633 yards.

In this list, the third one is the Ocean Course. It is the first American golf course which was designed for the Ryder Cup in 1991. This is a very much challenging course for the golfers as coastal winds are very much fierce and it can change the direction of a ball anytime. Golfers can have a beautiful view of the Atlantic surf as the whole course is designed with green fairways. Moreover, at this particular golf course, every hole is covered with sawgrass and every bunker with sand dunes. The total area of this course is quite large from the top two courses i.e. 7356 yards.

The Whistling Straits golf course is the fourth one with an area of 7790 yards and 72 par. This golf course is located near the Lake Michigan and it has 1012 bunkers throughout the entire course. There are no rakes in this course and it is preparing to host the Ryder Cup is 2020.

The fifth one is the Shadow Creek golf course with an offering of 72 par and 7560 yards. Every golfer in America is welcomed here to enjoy the three different movements of musical composition with light and heavy beats.

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