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Get Up, Gear Up, Get Out, Work Out

There is a challenge we face daily that will set the tone for the rest of our lives.  Will we wake up, get up and get dressed for the workout we promised to do and get it in, or give in to the urge to skip the run, cancel the workout and let it go, telling our self like we did yesterday, we’ll get to it.  We’ll get there.  Well if “there” is in your soft and cozy bed, you can check that off as an achievement.  But is that really your goal?

Merrell is here to help you achieve your personal best. You define it, and Merrell will support it by providing quality workout gear and accessories made especially tough for the tough road ahead.  Wearing the proper work out gear is an integral part of getting the results you desire.  Imagine Alex Honnold trying to scale the sheer face of El Capitan without the proper footwear.  It’s been three decades since Merrell realized how important it was to have the boots and shoes that would stand up to the elements runners, hikers and “mudders” find themselves.  He made boots out of necessity, and now they’re considered the best hiking boots in the world.  They use the latest technology to constantly update and upgrade their shoes and other gear so you can always strive for peak performance.  Merrell started with boots, but today’s high octane, extreme sports enthusiasts can easily outfit themselves for any number of activities by shopping the site.

Since moving online, it’s easier than ever to obtain the high quality and craftsmanship that goes into each item sold by Merrell.  What you’ve heard about before can be yours at the click of a mouse.  But before you buy, try applying a money saving Groupon to your purchase and see how great it is to have Groupon on the team. There are Groupons that will save you real money, like 50% off sale merchandise and a whopping 58% off selected items during their Fourth of July sale.   Together you can move beyond the confines of that warm and cozy bed into the great outdoors of a nation that’s like no other anywhere on earth.

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