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Indian Hockey – Olympic History

When the Indian men’s field hockey group joined the Olympic recreations around 1928 at Amsterdam, a legend inside the great notoriety for hockey is at the making. Not simply did the hockey gathering of India triumph in the 1928 Olympic amusements, in any case they kept on winning 6 successive Olympic Golds! A remarkable assignment, is not it? Really, this is an Olympic record unbroken up to now.

Furthermore, in this manner the Indian hockey group ruled in light of the fact that the Best Hockey Team on the planet. Since the titans of field hockey, the Indian group commanded the Olympic amusements having a fervor never saw. India’s triumphant keep running in the Olympics is precisely what conveyed to hockey turning into India’s country don.

In spite of the fact that the game of hockey has dwindled since, in India, the brilliant period from the hockey gathering of India was something that’ll be carved into history for evermore. Along these lines, let us go for a walk bring through a world of fond memories, and observe in the Indian hockey group’s Olympic triumphs.

1.Amsterdam Olympic amusements, 1928

Indian hockey legend Dhyan Chand conveyed the Indian hockey group to some cruising triumph in their introduction Olympic recreations at Amsterdam. Unpredicted underdogs, India straightforward vanquished each group that came their direction, winning the Gold obviously easily! The Wizard of hockey, Dhyan Chand, left the planet and the rivals minor observers since he worked his enchantment in the amusement, withdrawing no for rivalry.

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2.La Olympic diversions, 1932

Inside the 1932 Olympic diversions, the Indian hockey group amazed the planet and ensured a chronicle yet unbroken (which will potentially remain thus, due to its sheer grandness)… They won 24-1 from the USA. As if that were insufficient, they kept on winning their second successive Olympic gold.

3.Berlin Olympic recreations, 1936

Such was the stellar dispay of expertise, system, also – that dash of enchantment by Dhyan Chand-that Adolf Hitler am disturbed by Germany’s execution against India in the finals, he exited midway! Vanquishing Germany, the Indian hockey group ensured another Olympic Gold underneath the captainship of incredible Dhyan Chand.

4.London Olympic recreations, 1948

Getting obtained her freedom between your past Games and furthermore the 1948 London Olympic recreations, the Indian hockey group vanquished have country The Uk having a broad 8-1 scorecard. The primary Gold like a free country, the London Olympic amusements was observer to India’s fourth Gold decoration.

Helsinki Olympic recreations, 1952

Vanquishing Austria and The Uk keeping in mind the end goal to another Olympic finals, India beat Holland 6-1, to consider home their fifth back to back Olympic Gold!

6.Melbourne Olympic recreations, 1955

Cruising despite the fact that the gathering stages without yielding only one objective, India went to the finals to oversee Pakistan – essentially to beat then and win the 6th Gold decoration!

The unbelievable brilliant period of Indian hockey had made India a weight to figure with – the absolute best Hockey Team on the planet.

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