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Tips for using a caddie while playing golf

Golf is a pretty much interesting club and ball game where a player hits the ball with different clubs to put in the holes. The main aim in golf is to put the ball in the desired hole with a lower number of strokes as possible. Now for a golf player, his or her caddie plays a vital role and gives vital information during the game. It is observed that many of the players miss their target as they try to understand what a caddie is thinking instead of focusing in own game and club’s shot. Here are the few tips which should be followed and shouldn’t be while pairing up with a caddie in a golf course.

What you should do with your caddie during the game

Always try to listen to a caddie’s instruction on the tee. A good caddie will always help a player by telling where to aim with a tee. Please listen to a caddie carefully so that he doesn’t have to repeat again and again. Any good caddie is very much good with a flagstick as it comes into his domain. So, it is better to let him handle it. Chat with your caddie during a walk as it will encourage him to give a better performance for you. You can also ask your caddie before taking a shot if you aren’t sure about your strategy. You also recommend your caddie for your other golf partners. All these will encourage your caddie to help you in a better way and to guide you during the game.

Never try to do these things with your caddie

Now, after talking about what you should do with your caddie here comes some things which you should never try to do. First of all, never fill up your bag with a lot of stuff. A lighter bag will help a caddie to carry it in easily in the course. Flagstick comes into the domain of a caddie, so never try to mess with it. Never ask your caddie to read putts in every part of the game. If you need any help from him, then only ask him to read. Don’t remain shy in front of your caddie as it will not motivate him to offer his best service. The main thing which you should never do is to blame your caddie for miscalculated shot. Every shot depends on your focus so never judge a caddie for your shot. Do not force a caddie to find the ball, if it lost during the game let it be. Last but not the least don’t express your anger on your caddie.

Hence, if you follow all these tips you are going to have a good pair up with your caddie.

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